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In addition to its intelligent content delivery that adapts to our visitors’ changing environments, Instart Logic’s unique API that allows us to reset cache without having to rely on the CDN has allowed us to manage content delivery more easily and seamlessly to any device.

Alain Gaeremynck
Senior Enterprise Architect
Yellow Pages Group

Benefits Summary
  • Using a DevOps first infrastructure allowed for self-sufficient deployment of new content and applications throughout network.
  • Reduced cache purge times down from an arbitrary amount of time that was dependent on previous vendor’s support system to 45 seconds.
  • Given full control for maximum self-sufficiency over updating, bug-fixing, and real-time deployments.
The Challenge
Because its users consider Yellow Pages as their first-choice source for reliable location and business data, keeping every aspect of thewebsite up-to-date is crucial for user success. Yellow Pages knew that its users were largely accessing its site and smartphone app while on the go and often trying to make decisions based on the information they found in the moment. This meant that the Yellow Pages team in charge of pushing changes could not afford to wait on their vendor to work on their support ticket. Users expect the online business they interact with to always be up-todate and providing real-time data.
The Solution

With Instart Logic’s customer portal, Yellow Pages’ IT team had all the necessary control for self-sufficiency. “The benefits provided by Instart Logic surpassed our expectations,” said Alain Gaeremynck, senior enterprise architect at Yellow Pages.

Instart Logic layered in front of AWS gave YP an easy way to distribute content to end users with low latency, high data transfer speeds, and no minimum usage commitments on both mobile and web applications.

Instart Logic seamlessly integrated with AWS to pull content from YP's origin (that was hosted on AWS) and automatically deliver it in an optimized manner according to its unique architecture.

The Result

Before switching to Instart Logic, Yellow Pages Canada was a customer of Limelight. While a legacy CDN does a great job of sending data to edge servers, it can do almost nothing to optimize the performance of websites or apps over the internet’s “last mile.” For a company whose user base is overwhelmingly visiting their site or app on their smartphones, the last mile is the most crucial to customer experience. It is now the greatest bottleneck when it comes to content and application delivery across the internet.


Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages


Yellow Pages is a Canadian digital and print media company offering businesses comprehensive media solutions to meet their key marketing objectives and providing consumers with platforms to access reliable local business information.

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