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There were several occasions where we’d ask ourselves why we still used technology that wasn’t built for fast-development and quick deployment. We’re happy we do now.
Jim Parris Technical Specialist, Web Architecture Office Depot
Benefits Summary
  • Increased conversion rates after migrating to a new eCommerce platform and application delivery solution
  • Became self-sufficient and no longer had to wait 8+ hours to push configuration changes or purge cache
  • Enhanced protection from end-to-end, from origin to their visitors’ browser
The Challenge
Casualties of Legacy Technology: Flexibility, Productivity, and Innovation Before the creation of the Digital Innovation Center, Office Depot’s most difficult challenge was that several countries had their own website, many of which were not localized. To complicate matters, any change that a country wanted to make to their individual website could take more than 8 hours to take effect, often resulting in stale content. Coupled with an environment laden with multiple third party and legacy applications that were implemented over time, one of the Innovation Center team’s first order of business was to evaluate with a fresh perspective how they could improve the agility of their development teams. What the Innovation Center found was simple: The rigidity of legacy technology caused huge bottlenecks within their development cycles. Something had to be done.
The Solution
A Security Partner That Provides Peace of Mind In addition to agility and performance, what Office Depot Europe found in switching to Instart Logic was genuine partnership. The Office Depot Web Security Team recounts several times where they faced assaults by botnets and relied closely on the Instart Logic team to take ownership over the issue until it had been completely resolved. Michael Lazer, Head of Web Security remarked that “It’s one thing to have a Web Application Firewall, but the value Instart Logic provides our customers is protection; the value they provide to me is peace of mind.”
The Result
Performance Increase Led to Conversion Rate Climb At the newly formed Digital Innovation Center, technical leaders recognized that performance had a more profound causal effect on conversion rates than previously believed. Though the business-led leaders knew this, it wasn’t until the creation of the Innovation Center that the executives deemed web performance as a “priority,” instead of just important.” While evaluating new technologies, the Innovation team described the performance boosts with Instart Logic as a “no brainer.” However, a greater realization came as the team began to understand Instart Logic’s architecturally unique approach. The Innovation Center realized that, because of the platform’s ability to understand the user’s device and browser, they could use this new technology to deliver an image-rich, personalized user experience without having to compromise web performance or load speeds. As Office Depot Europe started to experience increased mobile traffic, they faced the problem of congested and constricted cellular connections. Instart Logic became an essential cornerstone of building a mobile first business, where image resizing and SmartVision played a huge role in reducing file sizes. Office Depot Europe would have suffered the unfortunate effects of poor mobile performance on shopping cart sizes, bounce rates, and conversions. Luckily, they also switched to Instart Logic for mobile delivery and are now seeing metrics that are better than ever.
Office Depot

Office Depot

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Office Depot provides office supplies & services through over 1,600 retail stores, a dedicated sales force, top-rated catalogs & global e-commerce operations.

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